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Results in Ukraine
new jobs created
SMEs supported
* Results for 2019
Access to Finance
Where can I get finance?
The EU provides special loans to SMEs through local partner banks in Ukraine
JSC Bank Lviv
Amount of loans up to 110 000 €
JSC KredoBank
Amount of loans up to 110 000 €
JSC Credit West
Amount of loans up to 60 000 €
JSC Agroprosperis Bank
Amount of loans up to 250 000 €
JSC Ukrgazbank
Amount of loans up to 110 000 €
JSC Raiffeisen
Amount of loans up to 25 000 €
OTP Leasing LLC
Amount of loans up to 490 000 €
JSC Procredit Bank
Amount of loans up to 490 000 €
JSC Oschadbank
Amount of loans up to 25 000 €
JSC Ukreximbank
Amount of loans up to 490 000 €
JSC Ukrsibbank
Amount of loans up to 110 000 €
Business Development Services
  • Consultancy services
  • B2B activities
  • Internships
  • Trade information
  • Capacity Building of Business Support Organisations
Business Enabling Environment
  • Policy Making and Regulatory Support
  • Regulatory Information
Information Support Centre for SMEs by EU4Business
When you hear the word “renovation”, how do you feel? Probably something not altogether pleasant. Though the final result may be good in the grand scheme of things, taking into account the idea that change is inevitable and, in most cases, a positive thing, the process itself is often a source of frustration, tension, and dis-ease.
It's hard to imagine a more popular food in the world than pizza. Lush soft dough with a crispy crust and fragrant spice-filled toppings... And then there’s the cheese – hot and delicious with tendrils that stretch in long threads when a slice is pulled from the pie.
Labneh, haloumi, caciotta with mint, kachokavallo, mahan… These are just some of the exotic names of products made at the Kozatske Podviria or Kozak Yard Farm in Donetsk.
Lidia Khyla is a new entrepreneur from Melitopol whose story started out rather glumly, but not unusually. After 19 years at the local Technical Inventory Bureau, a housing agency, she was laid off during staff cuts.
Four years ago, some 700,000 hectares of territory in Ukraine had been mined. According to the UN, the Donbas war zone is one of the most mined areas in the world.
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