Green Paper – Systemic Review of the Quality of State Regulation of the Markets: Installation of Internal Engineering Networks, Specialized Construction Works and Works on Completion of Construction


A Green Paper produced by the Better Regulation Delivery Office, with the support of the EU4Business FORBIZ project, on regulations for purpose of this Green Paper is to identify and analyse the drawbacks of the current regulatory environment and develop more efficient alternatives for market regulation.

The report says foundation and roof works, interior painting and engineering systems are being done by more than 7000 legal entities (mostly micro and small enterprises) and almost 8000 private entrepreneurs, accounting for the biggest number of jobs on the market.

The segment of installation of internal engineering networks, communications and security is one of the most technological and knowledge-intensive ones. It is also one of the biggest markets for the development of SMEs in construction sector. The report calls on the government to scrap burdensome procedures and barriers for market entry and new technologies.

The Better Regulation Delivery Office, together with the Ministry for Economic Development and Trade and the State Regulatory Service of Ukraine, with the support of the FORBIZ project, has launched the ProDialogue under the EU4Business initiative. It aims to involve all stakeholders in reviewing regulatory solutions and working out ways to address them. As a result, a series of Green Papers has been developed, which analyse the current state of market issues and potential ways to improve the regulatory environment. A further set of White Papers represents a consolidated product of the groundwork by the business community and expert environment in the form of practical recommendations and suggestions for the authorities in order to improve the regulatory framework.

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