EU4Business helps Ukrainian wholesale market reduce energy costs

EU4Business helps Ukrainian wholesale market reduce energy costs

With funding from the European Union under the EU4Business Initiative, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) helped Shuvar LLC, the first wholesale market for food and agricultural products in Ukraine, to introduce a smart energy strategy, reducing energy costs by 24% - amounting to EUR 90,000 in annual savings.

The EBRD helped Shuvar to adapt to the volatile economic situation by cutting their energy costs, enabling the implementation of a smart energy strategy consistent with ISO 50001. As a result, their productivity has increased by 38% and, with low investment of EUR 10,000, they have achieved annual savings of over EUR 90,000.

Located in Lviv, Shuvar LLC is the first wholesale food and agricultural products market in Ukraine. Built on an area of almost 50,000 m2, the company’s primary activity is the lease of sales, storage, preparation and exhibition space (and associated utility services) to wholesale merchants. The Market offers premium-quality vegetables, fruit, meat, dairy products, fish, flowers and other high quality local agricultural products. Shuvar is a socially responsible and environment respecting company.

Shuvar LLC faced substantial challenges in a volatile market environment with unpredictable exchange rates, increasing energy prices (30% of operating costs), and high interest rates. Between the start and the end of the project, the local currency had devalued by 50% versus the euro.

To help them adopt a smart energy strategy, we put Shuvar in touch with a team of three international advisers composed of a British team coordinator specialised in energy efficiency solutions for the manufacturing sector, a senior energy advisor and certified energy manager from Luxembourg specialised in energy efficiency solutions for Industry, and a British Biogas Specialist.

The advisers:

  • Identified over 20 energy saving measures applicable to the company, reducing dependency and increasing security of energy supply;
  • Evaluated the feasibility, cost-benefit calculations of these measures;
  • Focused on optimising the industrial systems with a target of 20% energy usage reduction, with low investment;
  • Prepared Shuvar for implementation of ISO50001 Energy Management system;
  • Trained the company on life cycle costs analysis and evaluation of alternative energy generation.

As a result, Shuvar increased its productivity by 38%, reduced energy costs by 24% amounting to over EUR 90,000. The acquired knowledge and capability is now being used in the company’s design of new spaces and evaluation of higher investment technologies.

Client contribution

€10 000

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