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When you hear the word “renovation”, how do you feel? Probably something not altogether pleasant. Though the final result may be good in the grand scheme of things, taking into account the idea that change is inevitable and, in most cases, a positive thing, the process itself is often a source of frustration, tension, and dis-ease. To minimise the psychological impact and avoid quarrels with friends, coworkers, or family members, that a plan be in place well before starting, which includes well-researched manufacturers, is an absolute necessity. This is particularly important in the final stages when everything is very close to being done and the last few items remain. Like the installation of doors…

From a Small Enterprise to Ukraine’s Largest Exporter

“We understand the difficulty of doing renovations and the importance of getting the expected results. After all, people live with these upgrades for a long time. This is why we treat each customer with extreme care: checking that all of the details and preferences have been confirmed in advance. Naturally, we guarantee the highest quality,” says Svitlana Bortnyk, CEO of Brama, one of Ukraine’s largest manufacturers of interior doors.

The company’s history is one that starts in 2002 in a small shop in Lviv. By 2008, the company had transformed into a brand-new factory employing more than two hundred staff and boasting production facilities that meet demand from both domestic and foreign markets.

“For more than 18 years, the factory has worked with clientele who have regularly chosen our doors because they understand our process and product,” says Bortnyk. “We frequently monitor emerging market trends so that we stay on top of consumer tastes and trends. For example, the natural feel is currently en vogue and includes such things as textures, light and easy shades, and simple austere designs.”

Environmental Friendliness as a Must for Development

Today, Brama is Ukraine’s only interior door manufacturer working regularly in the European market. Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania, Hungary, and the Baltics, and even in Africa – the company’s products are exported to more than 20 countries globally.

Support from the EU4Business Initiative has helped expand their distribution channels. In most EU countries, selling and using polyurethane-based paints is prohibited by law. Brama therefore needed to purchase new equipment to manufacture doors using water-based paint. This equipment was purchased with a soft low-collateral loan from Ukrgasbank. The loan was granted by the bank under the EU4Business Eastern Partnership SME Finance Facility — Phase II implemented by the European Investment Bank (EIB). This allowed the company to make a meaningful entrance into the European market and start manufacturing doors covered with safe non-toxic paint for the Ukrainian consumer as well.

“In addition to a large and stable market at home, exports provide an opportunity for monitoring and applying global standards to our manufacturing process. Environmental friendliness, automated production processes, and advanced equipment have all been implemented in Brama thanks to, among other things, the support of EU4Business,” says Bortnyk.

Energy-efficient Production Technology

The company’s social responsibility and commitment to environmental friendliness go beyond the process of door manufacturing. When designing the factory, for example, the founders chose a swampy area next to a forest so as not to build over chernozem. Technology that takes into account heat preservation and regeneration have also been implemented, which means the venue’s indoor areas do not need to use natural gas. Instead, wood chips and sawdust are used to maintain a comfortable temperature and to heat water over the winter months. This in itself is an interesting process – automatically drawn in from all production sites during wood processing, the wood pieces are moved to an industrial-grade shredder, accumulated in special tanks, and burned – thus generating heat.

Early in 2021, the company was named best interior door manufacturer at the InterBuildExpo international exhibition. In order to live up to these great expectations, Brama is keen to expand its distribution channels and increase the presence of Ukrainian manufacturers on the international scene.

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