Better regulation delivery office - 2017 activity report


The report showcases BRDO’s major achievements in 2017 and highlights its most groundbreaking initiatives – from the #StartBusinessChallenge (launch of 25 interactive step-by-step manuals to help individuals/SMEs navigate the maze of governmental procedures to simplify starting and operating a business in Ukraine (scalable to the regions, with local pilots in Vinnytsia, Mykolayiv and Chernivtsi), the Open Spatial Planning Project (pMAP) - single public online resource for urban planning documentation in Ukraine promoting  transparency and accountability of authorities, and increasing partnership among the state and individuals, to the launch of the Inspection Portal Web Service – a pilot module for an online service and risk-management tool that will transform Ukraine’s business inspection system and interactions between state inspections and businesses, increase transparency for Ukrainian entrepreneurs and investors, and provide powerful oversight opportunities for civil society. Also, please check out BRDO’s FB page and website for more info.

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