Green Paper - Systemic Review of the Quality of the State Regulation of the Market of Natural Gas Supply


A Green Paper produced by the Better Regulation Delivery Office, with the support of the EU4Business FORBIZ project, on regulation of the market for natural gas supply. The research focuses on the identification and analysis of the problems of the application of regulatory tools in the retail market for natural gas, in particular:

  • Licensing;
  • State regulation of prices and tariffs;
  • Reserve stocks of gas and standard rates of gas consumption;
  • Special mode accounts;
  • Government support;
  • Service delivery standards.

The report says a correct and thorough awareness of this problem will allow for a systemic approach to the reform of the state regulation system, removal of unjustified barriers, optimisation of procedures, correction of misguided or excessive regulation and implementation of best international practice.

The Better Regulation Delivery Office, together with the Ministry for Economic Development and Trade and the State Regulatory Service of Ukraine, with the support of the FORBIZ project, has launched the ProDialogue under the EU4Business initiative. It aims to involve all stakeholders in reviewing regulatory solutions and working out ways to address them. As a result, a series of Green Papers has been developed, which analyse the current state of market issues and potential ways to improve the regulatory environment. A further set of White Papers represents a consolidated product of the groundwork by the business community and expert environment in the form of practical recommendations and suggestions for the authorities in order to improve the regulatory framework.


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