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Yevhen Erik, an entrepreneur, was looking for more efficient uses of energy for his house and came up with a great solution for millions of other homes in addition.
Air is a vital part of our life. That is why we care so much that the air we breathe in the rooms where we spend most of our time is free of pollutants, dust, and allergens. This story is about two Ukrainian companies that create innovative ventilation solutions.
Eggs, meat and feathers are traditionally considered to be the most popular products of poultry farming. Both large and small farms produce substantial amounts of waste, and manure in particular.
An autonomous house that is easy to assemble in a matter of weeks and can be placed anywhere. A building that is independent from the power grid, has its own sewerage, and is equipped with water and air purification systems.
Less noise and exhaust on the roads, cheaper refills, and simpler maintenance are all advantages of electric cars. However, to be able to fully switch from regular cars, drivers need access to charging stations.

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