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Four years ago, some 700,000 hectares of territory in Ukraine had been mined. According to the UN, the Donbas war zone is one of the most mined areas in the world.
The challenges of efficient energy use are presented at various levels, from energy consumption in an office to technological equipment of gas and pipeline companies.
“Prolisok.” The name means “snowdrop”, the first spring flower to appear after a long winter. Prolisok Farmhouse founder Neonila Stadnik chuckles when she recalls how her company came to be named after the plant: “My son suggested it when he was ten years old,” she reminisces. “For us, it symbolized strength and resilience in a difficult environment.”
Industrial companies are among the biggest polluters of the environment, and therefore they — more than any other business — require modern clean technologies.
Few enterprises in Ukraine have a history of over 100 years—particularly successful ones. Soviet-era plants generally go to wrack and ruin unless some investor decides to put serious money into a complete modernization.

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