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Svitlana Molchanova’s company, Clear Water, a water delivery service in Mykolayiv, has not stopped its work since the war’s outbreak. Purified water deliveries continue to supply humanitarian aid distribution centers, the Ukrainian military and city residents.
One winter day, farmer Andriy Turchyn woke up to calls from his friends. They said something he found hard to believe – the war started. Turchyn quickly checked the news and discovered that Russia invaded Ukraine.
Since the beginning of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Ukrainian business has suffered significant losses. According to the survey conducted by the Ministry of Digital Transformation, about 40% of enterprises have been stopped.
In February 2022, Ievgeniia Abdula and her husband were in Kyiv, at an exhibition of children’s goods, when they woke up to the familiar noises of sirens. They knew immediately what it meant – the war had started.
In the Carpathians, Ukraine’s highest mountain range, live the Ukrainian highlanders – the Hutsuls. Apart from their distinctive language, music, traditions, and costumes, there is one more thing that Hutsuls have maintained for centuries – their traditional way of making the first-recorded Ukrainian cheese, Hutsul bryndza cheese, made from sheep’s milk.

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