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War makes a Lviv company change direction – with a little help from its friends in an EU-supported business cluster. When the air raid sirens blare in the city of Lviv in western Ukraine, the 40 employees of clothing maker Segetex-UA down tools and troop down to an underground shelter in the basement.
Neither age, background nor war has stopped Serhiy Kuzmenko from setting up and developing his own business. At the age of 47, Serhiy Kuzmenko was already thinking ahead to retirement. But there was a problem. "Retirement was on the horizon, but I had earned almost nothing to live on,” he says. “I had to worry not just about other people, but also about my own family.”
Mitigating climate change and sustainable economic growth through investing in measures that reduce energy consumption, resource use and CO2 emissions are at top of the global agenda.
Two years, and two massive crises. Ukrainian business has taken some major hits in the last couple of years: First was the COVID-19 pandemic, which forced many entrepreneurs to go online at a short notice. Next came a full-scale invasion and war by Russia in Ukraine.
Many people have a fear of dentists, perhaps from bad experiences in childhood, and choosing a dental practice can be a chore. But there’s a dental practice in Lviv, in western Ukraine, where patients and dentist effectively choose each other, and collaborate during treatment.

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