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Furniture surrounds us everywhere: at work, at home, in public spaces. A key part of comfort for humans, it’s impossible to imagine how uncomfortable life would be without such familiar things as tables, chairs, desks and beds.
No matter how stereotypical the statement that Ukrainians live off their land, Ukraine’s agriculture really is the country’s most profitable sector today — and the numbers prove it. Over the past year, the net profit of farming, forestry and fishery enterprises was more than UAH 80 billion.
This year’s early cold days have resulted in discomfort for many people, but not in this enterprise.
Everyone knows Olha Nikoara, the owner of the Blahodatnyi Khlib (blessed bread) bakery, in the village of Volodymyrivka, Donetsk Oblast. The bakery located in neighbouring Blahodatne provides the surrounding villages with bread, employs locals, and competes with large bread producers in the area.
Can you imagine an organic food product that could boost the health of your heart and overall immune system, is an excellent source of dietary fibre, vitamin C and vitamin K and contains a large number of antioxidants?

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